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HOW TO: Safeguard your home from an electrical fire

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June 23, 2016
“It will never happen to me.”

“What are the chances of it happening to me?” We have all had those thoughts before haven’t we? That point where we think we are invincible, and that it will never happen. That’s the thing though, it does happen, and it can happen to anyone of us if we don’t ensure we do what we can to minimise the threat of such an event happening.

A fire in your home is more common than you might think. The following average chances were published by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) in 2009;

The number of fires your household is likely to have in an average lifetime is 5.

The chances that someone in your household will suffer a fire injury in an average lifetime is 1 in 10.​

The good news, is that these numbers are declining as more and more people understand the importance of safeguarding their home and business. However, with statistics of an average five fires across a person’s lifetime, a lot clearly still needs to be done.

There are a number of things you can do minimise the chances of a fire breaking out in your home and in the event of a fire, increasing the chances of escaping the building safely, such as;

  1. Ensuring that you get your electrical appliances PAT tested by a qualified electrician on a regular basis. It is advised that once a year for the majority of electronics is adequate.
  2. Restraining from overloading sockets, even if the extension lead has enough sockets for all of your plugs. The issue is not the number of appliances, but the fact that the combined volts of all the appliances outweighs what the socket in the wall is capable of holding and thus causes extreme heat to be passed to the socket which can in turn cause an electrical fire. If you are short of enough plug sockets the best option is to have new plug sockets installed directly into your walls via your main electrics.
  3. Installing smoke detectors. Fires can break out at any point in time. They don’t wait for you to be up and about. If a fire breaks out at night and you are fast asleep, it is unlikely you will react to the smell of smoke as quickly as a smoke detector does. The smoke detector notifies you that there is an abnormal amount of smoke, and that you should definitely check the house over.

CDS Electrical are efficient electrical contractors who can facilitate all of the above to ensure you are doing the best you can in safeguarding you and your home. For PAT testing of your appliances, installation of new plug sockets, and installation of smoke detectors, please give us a call on 01323 734162 or drop us an e-mail to info@cdselectrical.co.uk.

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