Air Conditioning Tunbridge Wells
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Air Conditioning Tunbridge Wells

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Air conditioning is an easy way to create a comfortable, temperature controlled living or working space throughout the year.

Air Conditioning Installations, Repairs & Servicing in Tunbridge Wells

Welcome to CDS Electrical!

We supply a range of outstanding air conditioning systems for domestic and commercial properties throughout Tunbridge Wells, Kent, Sussex and across the South East.

We have two decades of specialist experience in air conditioning and temperature controlled environments. We will have the ideal unit to complement your space and suit your price range. Air conditioning systems can work for both businesses and homes, creating the perfectly controlled temperature, throughout the year.

At CDS Electrical, we use the best names in air con, supplying systems that are high performance, energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Modern air conditioning units come with innovative controls and are practical, easy to use and look great!

Air Conditioning Systems for Businesses in Tunbridge Wells

Having an air conditioning system installed in to your business premises has been shown to encourage productivity at work. We take pride in customising our service to the specific needs of your business, ensuring that we install the appropriate system for your workspace, to make sure that the best, temperature controlled efficiency is fulfilled by the air con. There are many benefits to installing air conditioning in commercial spaces, which include producing purified, cooler air, for a more hygienic working space.

We have many popular AC units but our Panasonic systems are a particular favourite, providing high performance and energy efficient solutions for businesses. The units can be controlled from different locations and you can also receive real-time maintenance alerts and updates, whilst keeping an eye on their energy usage.

Advantages of Having Air Conditioning in the Workplace:

  • Employees working in the company have a comfortable working temperature throughout the year. Having a workspace which is too hot or cold can have a really negative impact on the working environment.
  • Temperature control creates a safer working space as things like computers can't overheat.
  • The air conditioning unit will keep the air free from odours, bacteria, fungi and dust mites.
  • The units can reduce humidity, which is perfect if your building suffers from damp problems.
  • Air con can help improve productivity and efficiency.
Domestic Air Conditioning

Domestic Air Con

Having air conditioning installed in your home is becoming more and more popular. We have an array of different air con products for the home and can give you advice on the best setup for your needs.

Installing an air conditioning system into your home isn't just about creating a cooler space for the summer months! Our air con units have dual functionality and can both reduce and increase temperature and humidity in the home, providing you with a pleasant environment throughout the year.

You can select your air conditioning unit from our many state of the art designs, which have remote controls for simplicity of use. There are units available for multiple room set ups and 2-5 units can be interconnected to just one outdoor system. 

Advantages of Home Air Conditioning

  • Gives your home space a comfortable temperature, regardless of the season.
  • You have many functions, allowing you to cool, heat and dehumidify your space.
  • Lets you get a good night sleep, especially on those hot summer nights!
  • Provides healthy, cleaned air with state of the art air purifying, which makes it perfect for those with allergies or asthma.

For a more information on air conditioning in Tunbridge Wells from a member of our friendly team, or for a FREE quotation, contact us now. We can also arrange a maintenance plans which means your system will always work efficiently.

Domestic Air Conditioning
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