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Air Conditioning Hastings

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Create a comfortable temperature and environment in your workplace or home.

Air Conditioning Units

CDS Electrical are experts in all things air conditioning. We offer exceptional, high quality units to suit homes and businesses across the South East.

We specialise in air conditioning, temperature control and air flow systems. Our team will find you the perfect system to suit your requirements and your budget. We are here to help to create a comfortable environment throughout all weathers.

We only offer air conditioning units which are eco-friendly, energy efficient and high performance. We offer advanced control options which are built with practicality and style in mind.

Air Conditioning for your business

You may be seeking an air conditioning unit in your workplace in order to create a pleasant working environment and to optimise productivity. We will install an air conditioning unit which suits your space and your budget.

We offer Panasonic units which are high performance, compact and energy efficient. They offer a variety of connectivity control options, which means you can control the unit from different locations. You can receive real-time status updates and maintenance alerts which optimises energy usage and costs.

Why have air conditioning in your workplace?

  • Comfortable temperature - If your workplace is too hot, it can mean that staff get more stressed and it can impact their health. Control the temperature of your room with a state-of-the-art air con unit.
  • Prevents computer overheating - If your office has computers, you may find the room is a hot temperature as they generate lots of heat. Air conditioning will help keep your office cool.
  • Clean air - Air conditioning units will keep the air clean and free of odours, dust mites, bacteria and fungi. Dirty air can affect people with asthma and hay-fever.
  • Reduce staff sick days - You will find that with filtered air in your workplace, the space is more breathable and your staff will need to take less sick days.
  • Reduced humidity - Reduce humidity in your workplace with an air conditioning unit. This is particularly useful for properties which suffer with dampness.
  • Noise reduction - An air conditioning unit means that there is no need for windows to let air in. This will in turn, reduce noise in your workspace.
Domestic Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning in Your Home

Air conditioning units in homes is becoming increasingly popular as they offer so many advantages. We will install and maintain an air con unit to ensure you have a comfortable living space.

Our air conditioning units have a modern design and come with an practical remote controller. The units are easy to use and will keep your home at a satisfying temperature.

We can install an air conditioning unit which covers more than just one room. Panasonic have a range of multi-split solutions. We can install 2-5 indoor units which are connected to a single outdoor unit, creating a flexible solution for your home.

Why choose an air conditioning unit for your home?

  • Comfortable temperature all year round - An air conditioning unit regulates the temperature of your home, keeping it comfortable all year round.
  • Multiple functions - A unit will heat, cool, fan and dehumidify your room. This can help as an emergency heating backup, or even to dry the washing!
  • Get a better night's sleep - Get a better night's sleep in an air conditioned room. This is a relief in the summer, when you can enjoy a comfortable night's sleep in a cool room.
  • Clean air - Keep the air inside your home clean, which supports those who suffer with hay-fever and asthma.

Not only will we install your air conditioning unit perfectly, but we offer maintenance packages which will keep your system working safely and efficiently.

Please get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements. Call us today on 01323 734 162.

Domestic Air Conditioning
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