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If you are looking for an air conditioning system for your commercial or residential property, CDS Electrical can help. We install and maintain air con units to suit all requirements. Have peace of mind when it comes to installation and maintenance contracts to suit your unique needs. Get your free site survey today.

The Next Generation is Here - Introducing the New PACi NX Series

With high-quality design and engineering, the PACi NX series is the perfect solution for projects which demand quality. It has been developed to meet the demand for easy refurbishment. It now features 3 wired installations making it simple and easy to replace old systems with existing 3 wire connections. The NX series is also integrated with IoT solutions and includes nanoe™ X function as standard.

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Always fresh and clean air with nanoe™ X

Abundant in nature, hydroxyl radicals have the capacity to inhibit pollutants, viruses, and bacteria to clean and deodorise. nanoe™ X technology can bring these incredible benefits indoors. Hard surfaces, soft furnishings, and the indoor environment can be a cleaner and pleasant place to be.

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Air conditioning for your business is vital for so many reasons. More and more businesses have realised that air conditioning brings a multitude of benefits to the office space and their staff.

Maintains a constant level of comfort

It has been proven that too much heat in a room can make people feel stressed. This could in turn have a negative impact on health. Air conditioning ensures that the risk of this occurring is eliminated with temperature-controlled comfort.

Prevents overheating of computers

Computers are power-hungry pieces of kit that generate high temperatures even when in an idle state. Idle temps are around the 40-degree mark will very quickly make a room into an uncomfortable environment to work in.

Helps to keep the air clean

It is not possible to see the purity of the air with the human eye. But if you could you would want to do something about it. The air we breathe is full of dust mites, bacteria, odours and fungi. This particularly affects those who suffer from hay fever and asthma.

Reduces staff sick days

Installing air conditioning units in the workplace can reduce the number of sick days incurred by your staff. It increases concentration periods as the air is temperature-controlled and filtered.

Reduction in humidity

In addition to providing accurate temperatures, air conditioning units are also able to reduce the humidity within your workplace. Spaces can be dried without cooling the room. This is ideal for properties in locations that suffer from dampness or have lots of people in them.

Reduction of noise and airborne particles

With the addition of an air conditioning unit to cool your home, windows no longer need to be opened. This reduces airborne particles entering the property and reduces noise.

Extend the life of your Air Conditioning unit(s)
Air Conditioning Maintenance

The efficiency of your AC system will reduce as dust and debris begin to accumulate on the filters and vents of the system. In addition, bacteria can begin to blossom in such environments. All this can be eliminated with a routine maintenance contract with CDS, ensuring your system is operating at its optimum all year round.

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