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Battery Storage East Sussex

Battery Storage helps you make the most of renewable electricity from your solar panel system (solar PV panels). Homeowners in East and West Sussex can use battery storage combined with your solar PV system to store the electricity that is generated during the day to use when you need it. For example, in the evening, to use for cooking, heating or watching TV. Perfect for those that are away from home during the day and aren't making full use of the electricity your solar panels are generating.

The capacity of a typical home battery storage system could be up to 16kWh, but there are also other ‘stackable’ or bespoke systems if more capacity is required. A typical 4kWh system would be able to power the kettle 37 times.

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What are the benefits of battery storage?

If your home is connected to the grid, a battery will help you make the most of your renewable solar energy, meaning your electricity bills will be cheaper and your carbon emissions will be lower. In an off grid home, battery storage can reduce your reliance on an alternative fossil fuel generator.

Having an energy efficient home with your own solar panels means your energy costs will be already reduced as it is cheaper to use your own solar power electricity rather than purchasing it through an energy company. Battery storage allows you to further reduce your bills by storing the energy produced by the panels during the day for you to use in the evening when you are at home.

battery storage east sussex
Maximize Solar Usage

Excess solar production is stored on a battery, for use when needed, day or night
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Lower Electricity Bills

Use battery technology to help power your home and purchase less or cheaper electricity from the grid
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Energy Independence

Protect yourself from high rising electricity costs by reducing how much your home relies on the grid
How much does solar PV battery storage cost?

The cost of our high quality battery system currently ranges from £4,000 to £6,000 for a fully integrated 4kWh system.

It is important to note that with the new VAT regime (for domestic installations only) that is running for the next five years, until March 2027, you will pay 0% VAT on the installation of your solar battery storage if you have solar panels and battery storage installed at same time as the VAT cut is applied to the entire installation.

If you have battery storage installed after your solar panel installation or on its own then VAT will be applied at 20%. If you are getting solar panels then you should consider whether you should get battery storage installed at the same as this could make a significant difference to the overall cost!

Storing Grid Energy

Most energy storage systems offer smart operation, allowing users to track energy usage online.

As well as storing renewable energy generation, energy storage technology can also be used to store electricity bought from the grid at a cheaper time of the day, such as Economy 7 tariffs.

As Economy 7 electricity is supplied overnight, you can charge your battery with it and benefit from its power during the day.

FIT & RHI Payments

Payments under the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and Feed -in Tariff (FIT) are expected to be unaffected by using home energy storage.

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