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Solar PV Eastbourne

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Save money and become more environmentally friendly by installing Solar PV panels.

Solar PV Panels Eastbourne

What are Solar Panels? - Solar PV Panels use renewable energy from the sun and utilise it as energy for domestic and commercial buildings. Let the sun supply you with FREE electricity by installing PV panels! You can still harness the solar energy if it's cloudy as the units will still create renewable power, despite the clouds.

As you may have seen, most solar panels are on roofs but if you have limited roof space, the panels can be placed in many different places including on garages, as sunshades and even ground-mounted.

Why Should You Use Solar PV?

Climate change is at the forefront of everyone's minds. Creating more fossil fuels and energy that isn't renewable is stripping the planet of vital resources. One of the many joys of solar energy is that it does not need the electricity grid and instead uses renewable energy which helps protect the planet and reduces your carbon footprint.

There is also a feed-in-tariff scheme which can allow you to earn money utilising your renewable energy, adding to the many benefits of it! The SEG (Smart Export Guarantee) will pay every home for the renewable solar energy that they export. What this means is that if you create electricity with your panels but don't use it, it can then go into the national grid.

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The Benefits of using Solar PV Panels

  • Increase the value of your property - If you make your home eco-friendly, it can add as much as 6% to the value of it, according to Ideal Home magazine.
  • Reduce your energy bills - If you use energy that your solar panels create, you will be able to reduce your energy bills because you are producing your own power. According to The Energy Saving Trust, you can reduce your bill by between £90 and £240 a year.
  • Protect the environment - Using renewable energy helps to protect the environment because you reduce the consumption of valuable resources.

Commercial and Domestic Solar Panels

Solar Panels are suitable for both home and business usage and we can install the perfect photovoltaic solution for you. We all know that electricity costs are constantly increasing, so now is the perfect time to become more sustainable and install your own PV system in your home.

CDS Electrical is situated in Eastbourne, East Sussex and we have a team of extremely experienced fitters who will be able to install the ideal renewable energy setup for your needs. Our highly trained team can also provide you with solar PV maintenance and a servicing when you need it. For more information, read our guide on maintaining your solar panels following installation.

We have over two decades of experience as outstanding electrical contractors. We have an incredible team of 37 talented people, all of whom can help you plan the perfect solar PV system for your home or business. Contact us by email, phone 01323 734162 or complete the form at the top of this page.

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