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Solar Panels Hastings

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Reduce your carbon footprint and your energy bills with a Solar PV system from CDS Electrical.

Solar Panels

Solar Panels transform solar energy from the sun and transform it into usable energy for your property. Take advantage of free electricity produced by the sun! Even during cloudy weather, solar panels transform sunlight into renewable energy.

Our solar panels can be fitted for roofs or somewhere more convenient such as sunshades, garages or ground-mounted.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Climate change is a global problem that we can no longer ignore. Global warming is occurring due to the amount of fossil fuels produced. Solar energy does not depend on electricity grids, and uses renewable energy. This helps the environment and doesn't contribute to additional fossil fuel production.

The feed-in-tarrif scheme means that you can even earn money through your solar panels. The smart export guarantee (SEG), pays every property for the solar energy that they 'export'. This is electricity that you generate, do not use but is pumped back into the national energy grid.

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Solar Panel Advantages

  • Lower energy bills - Your solar panels will produce electricity that will in turn reduce your energy bills. You can save between £90-£240 per year with a typical four-kWp solar panel system.
  • Increase your property's value - According to the Ideal Home magazine, an eco-friendly home can add an extra 6% to the value.
  • Lower your carbon footprint - Go green by using this renewable energy source and help the environment.

Solar Panels for Homes and Businesses

Whether you require solar panels for your home or business, our team can help. With electricity prices on the increase, reap the benefits of going green and take advantage of the benefits of renewable energy.

CDS Electrical are experienced in delivering renewable energy sources to suit your needs. Should you require any Solar PV servicing or maintenance, our team would be more than happy to help. You can read our brief guide into maintaining your solar panels for some basic information on how to look after them.

Choose CDS Electrical for an exceptional service at a competitive price. Our team of 37 individuals are here to help with any of your electrical needs - small or large. As a company, we have over 22 years of experience offering our variety of services. To discuss your requirements, please call 01323 73 41 62 or fill in the form at the top of this page.

domestic solar panels
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CDS Electrical is the South East's premier electrical, air conditioning and Solar PV contractor. Our accreditations are an indicator of the passion, dedication and drive we have to provide our clients with a complete and professional service.

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