Air conditioning engineer looking into a wall mounted air conditioner

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air conditioning systems that are poorly maintained will become inefficient as the filters gradually block with debris, causing unnecessary stresses on the system and no guarantee it will operate when you need it most!

With a comprehensive understanding of air conditioning systems and how they operate, our engineers are experienced in fault diagnosis and the repair of all major brands of air conditioning equipment, repairing and maintaining systems, even if we did not initially install the system.

Routine maintenance of an air conditioning system is fundamental in ensuring it operates to its full potential and is a requirement of F-Gas regulations. Without routine maintenance there is no way of proving the refrigeration system has no leaks and is operating as intended. Leaking refrigerant gas to the environment has an irreversible effect and comes with heavy fines making routine maintenance an inexpensive and  obvious solution.

The downsides of not having your Air Conditioning unit maintained
Spreading of bacteria and allergens

When bacteria, mould, odours and allergens gets into an air conditioning system it can end up spreading and circulating the micro organisms around the room.

A well maintained system will ensure this problem doesn't occur by cleaning filters and coils with specialist and environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Significantly reduced efficiency

Blocked filters significantly reduce the amount of air passing through the vents and reduces the efficiency of the entire system and reducing the life span of the system.

Routine maintenance by CDS will bring the unit back up to its original operating standards, improving the efficiency of the system and leaving it looking and smelling like new whilst ensuring the system will be cost effective for years to come.

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