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Domestic Air Conditioning Sussex | CDS Electrical

exceptionally efficient at heating and cooling a room. Providing 4kW of output energy for every 1kW of input energy. Helps to keep the air clean. It is not possible to see the

Commercial Air Conditioning Sussex | CDS Electrical

environment can be a cleaner and pleasant place to be. Energy Efficient. PACi: Commercial air to air. The compact and high efficiency solution for shops, restaurants, offices or

Electrical Maintenance Sussex | CDS Electrical

alarms and air conditioning systems are maintained and working efficiently and effectively. CDS have been providing a "Fix first time" approach to electrical maintenance for

Air Conditioning Maintenance | CDS Electrical

reduced efficiency. Blocked filters significantly reduce the amount of air passing through the vents and reduces the efficiency of the entire system and reducing the life span of

Testimonials | CDS Electrical

Testimonials. Consistently high standards of work paired with efficient, friendly and professional staff is what makes CDS Electrical stand out above other electrical

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efficient service each and every time. Call us today to arrange for a free no-obligation quote on. 01323 734162. or you can send an e-mail to. Contact CDS

LED Upgrade at Ashdown Primary School

CDS Electrical - Blog. LED lighting upgrade at Ashdown Primary Infants School. January 7, 2020. Project overview. Fluorescent lamps replaced with energy efficient LED lamps

CDS Electrical | Electrical Contractor Sussex

fitting to be installed, charging point for your new electric car, routine maintenance or an electrical test, CDS will provide a professional and efficient service each and every

Lighting and Air Conditioning Installation - CDS Blog

the air conditioning units in position for maximum efficiency but still works as part of the urban contemporary look the chain of coffee shops adhere to. Take a look at the

How to Safeguard Your Home from an Electrical Fire

that you should definitely check the house over. CDS Electrical are efficient electrical contractors who can facilitate all of the above to ensure you are doing the best you

Air Conditioning East Sussex | CDS Electrical

Especially on those hot summer days where we could all do with a bit of a breeze! We offer air conditioning units which are environmentally friendly, energy efficient and helps

Battery Storage Sussex | CDS Electrical

day, which can then be stored in your batteries for you to use for cooking, heating or watching TV in the evening. The capacity of a typical home battery storage system could

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