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Educational Air Conditioning

Having to keep a constant level of comfort at an affordable price is particularly difficult in educational premises due to the fact that there are large numbers of students and staff that are constantly opening and closing doors and windows as they move around the building. Additionally, many educational premises are generally older buildings that were not designed with the intention of a modern air conditioning system being installed. Fortunately, there are various styles and sizes of air conditioning units which allows for them to be implemented into virtually all environments.

With the introduction of air conditioning units, the level of comfort increases greatly allowing for staff and pupils alike to feel comfortable no matter the weather conditions nor the activity of nearby doors and windows.

Maintains a constant level of comfort

It has been proven that too much heat in a room can make people feel stressed, which could in turn have a negative impact on your own health. Air conditioning ensures that the risk of this occurring is eliminated by maintaining a constant level of comfort.

Prevents overheating of computers

Computers are power hungry pieces of kit that generate high temperatures even when in an idle state. Idle temps are around the 40 degree mark  will very quickly make a room into an uncomfortable environment to work in.

Helps to keep the air clean

It is not possible to see the purity of the air with the human eye, but if you could you would want to do something about it. The air we breathe is full of dust mites and fungi which particularly effects those who suffer from hayfever. AC systems have built in filters to remove and eradicate these airbourne particles.

Reduce student sick days

Installing air conditioning can reduce the number of sick days incurred by your students over an academic year due to the fact the air is temperature controlled and filtered.

Reduction in humidity

In addition to providing accurate temperatures, air conditioning units are also able to reduce humidity. This allows for a room to be dried without cooling the room, which is ideal for rooms containing lots of students.

Reduction of noise and airborne particles

With the addition of an air conditioning unit to cool your classroom, windows no longer need to be opened to let air in. This reduces the amount of dust, pollen and airbourne particles entering the room along with noise.

Extend the life of your Air Conditioning unit(s)
Air Conditioning Maintenance

The efficiency of your AC system will reduce as dust and debris begin to accumulate on the filters and vents of the system. In addition, bacteria can begin to blossom in such environments. All this can be eliminated with a routine maintenance contract with CDS, ensuring your system is operating at its optimum all year round.

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