Solar panels fitted to the roof of a bungalow

Domestic Solar PV

With increasing electricity prices and the arrival of smart meters that know how much electricty is being used at your home at any time of the day and charging higher prices for peak time use, there has never been a better time to go green and help the environment by installing a solar PV system. Producing your own electricity you can either use what you generate or export it to the grid, reducing your electricity bill.

Benefits of Solar PV for your Home
Reduced electricity bills

You can use the electricity your panels generate, thus reducing your electricity bills. The Energy Saving Trust estimates a typical four-kWp system can knock between £90/year and £240/year off your bill (kWp stands for kilowatt peak – how the power produced by panels is measured).

Adds value to your home

According to the Ideal Home magazine, having an eco-friendly house will add up to 6% to the value of your home and its a great feeling knowing that when the sun shines your making "free" electricity.

Get paid to export energy back to the grid

The smart export guarantee (SEG), pays households for solar energy they 'export'. This is electricity you generate, but don't use yourself, that is then pumped back into the national energy grid. Of course, you'll also save on your electricity bills as you'll be generating energy yourself, rather than just using electricity from your supplier.

Helps the environment

Installing Solar is a big step towards going 'green' as a home-owner. Solar energy does not depend on electricity grids and fossil fuels.

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