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Solar Panels Worthing

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Solar Panel installers in Worthing and West Sussex! Solar Panels help the environment and reduce your energy bills!

Solar Panels in Your Home

Solar panels are the future of energy. They use solar power from the sun and transform it into usable energy for your home or business! Solar panel systems will work even during cloudy weather, making them an excellent investment for any household who wants a clean sustainable renewable source of energy.

We have installed solar panels in a range of places for our customers. The majority are on the roof, however you can choose an alternative place that is most convenient for you- whether that be sunshades or ground mounts!

Why we should all be using Solar Energy

In todays world climate change is a global threat that has been caused by the amount of fossil fuels we produce. It's an issue which cannot be ignored any longer. A part of the solution is using renewable energy sources. Solar energy produces clean renewable power without depending on electricity grids! Using renewable energy sources in your home reduces not only your carbon footprint but also cost the cost of your energy bills too!

You can even earn money through the feed-in-tariff scheme. The smart export guarantee (SEG), pays every household for the solar energy they 'export'. This is electricity that you generate, but do not use yourself, that is then pumped back into the national energy grid.

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Solar PV Advantages

  • Help the environment - Go green by using renewable energy! It reduces your carbon footprint on the planet.
  • An increase on your property value - According to the Ideal Home magazine, they estimate that an eco-friendly home can add an extra 6% to the value.
  • Reduced energy bills - Using solar panel generated energy will result in a decrease in your electricity bill. The Energy Saving Trust calculate that a typical four-kWp system can facilitate a saving of £90-£240 per year.

Domestic and Commercial Solar Panels

Whether you are requiring solar panels for your home or business, CDS electrical can find a solution for you. A Solar PV (Solar Photovoltaic) system is a great investment for any property. With electricity prices increasing, now's the time to invest in renewable energy sources!

With our highly experienced team and modern equipment, we can advise you on the right options for your home. You can use our knowledge to make an informed choice on whether you also want a battery storage system installed. We offer Solar PV power system maintenance and servicing if required! Check out this guide: "Maintaining Your Solar Panels". It offers some basic information about how best look after your solar panels after installation.

CDS Electrical has been providing quality work to their customers for over twenty-two years.  That's why we have a dedicated, hardworking team of 37. We provide an unbeatable service to ensure every customer is left happy and satisfied.

For queries on our electrical services simply give us a call on 01323 73 41 62 or complete the form at the top of this page!

domestic solar panels
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